Probably one of the most powerful questions we can ask ourselves and one another. 3 letters, or one syllable is all it takes to unlock enlightenment, understanding, empathy, sorrow, love.

It seems to be human nature to react or respond to things we don’t understand or care for with our…

Asymptotic notation is a set of languages which allow us to express the performance of our algorithms in relation to their input.

There are three main notations for expressing the performance of algorithms, put simply they are:

  • Big-O — The worst case (upper bound).
  • Big Omega — The best case…

Web optimisation is important; it’s how we make our websites fast — which in turn keeps our users happy and helps us to maintain a good SEO profile.

The way in which we build and optimise websites is driven by the foundation of data communication across the web: HTTP —…

Let’s take a crash course on how we can build HTTP/2 ready applications in Node.js.

Firstly, many clients and browsers are not planning on implementing the ability to use HTTP/2 over plain-text, even though this is in the protocols specification. …

Web servers supporting HTTP/2 can take advantage of a couple new features introduced as part of the new specification designed to improve how we deliver content over HTTP, and as a result, significantly improve the end user experience of our applications!

This article is based of H2O, a modern and…

Jacob Clark

Technical Principal @ AND Digital

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